I’ve been this way since I was a boy

And I won’t change cause I enjoy it

Some folks say I got no self respect

But whatever I weigh, I feel perfect


I like to have fun, though some may sneer

Well when I get real drunk it takes a lot of beer


This beer belly took a lot of work 

So when I go to the beach I still take off my shirt


I may be single, and that ain’t no shock, no

Cause I only want to mingle with my Chipotle taco


I like beer and tacos

Beer and tacos


If you’re looking for love, well you just might find me

Holdin two beers in the taco line,

Hey babe


Well you may agree, or you just might not care

But if you think like me, put your glass in the air






I really love beer and tacos

Beer and tacos