South on 5 from Portland

Runnin through the trees

Cotton mouth and headaches

From Seattle by the sea

Parked the car on high street

Bought a couple of treats 

Went up to The Lookout

And looked down at Ol Eugene 

Yeah yeah


Rode around with Puddles

Mayor of the town

Said hello to Prefontaine

With the forest all around

Down the street from the Delta house

Those old familiar scenes

Emerald valley tapestry 

At the heart of sweet Eugene


Supposed to leave tomorrow

But it’s all so green

Let’s stay a little while

In Ol’ Eugene


Went down to the railroad tracks

Crossed the Willamette

Laid out on the river stones

As our palms began to sweat

Looked up at the sky so blue

And I saw myself there and you too

When I go back to that place

I think about where I might have 

Left my face


Supposed to leave tomorrow 

But fuck the routine

Let’s stay a little while

In Ol Eugene