Hey baby won’t you tell me a lie

Sit beside the devil living in my mind

Come on baby won’t you give it to me

Yeah give it to me til my eyes bleed


Hey baby won’t you step inside

The hole your love made is at least a mile wide

Come on mama bring it home to me

Don’t keep it underwater at the bottom of the sea


Baby that love

Fits me like a glove

Oh that love

Well when push comes to shove 


I’d do anything

I mean everything 

To keep you by my side

Makes my ears ring

And my heart sing

Lord, you keep me satisfied


Whoa baby that love

Lifts me up from above

Talking about that love 

I said baby that love


I can’t stop

Not if I tried

If I said I’d quit

Well honey I lied

I keep coming back

Back home to you

I guess I just don’t know what else I would do


Baby that love